More fresh beef coming soon

Due to unprecedented demand we’ve nearly sold out of all our beef, but there is more in the pipeline!

Mature beef

Iris will be cutting some beef, which is from one of our retired dairy cows, next week.
There will be mince, diced beef, diced shin, stewing steaks and other slow cook meats such as Brisket.
We should have some meat available in the shop from Thursday 20th May.

Prime beef

We’re sending a prime beef animal in for slaughter on Monday 17th May.
We’re now taking pre-orders. Please contact us if you like to pre-order some meat and let us know by Monday 7th June.

From Wednesday 9th June we should have:
– Mince
– Braising / stewing steak
– Brisket
– Spare ribs
– Diced beef
– Diced shin
– Rib eye steak

From Wednesday 16th June we should have:
– Fillet steak
– Sirloin steak
– Rump steak
– Rib eye steak
– Beef burgers
– Topside and Silverside Roasts

We’d like to thank you for your patience. As many of you are aware, we only sell what we produce here on the farm. This way we know exactly where it has come from and how the animals have been reared.