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Raw milk 2 pints / 1.14 litres £1.50 £2.00 £2.00 raw milk
Raw cream – 230ml £1.75 £2.40 £2.40  DSCN6556.JPG
Ghee 230ml – £8.00 £10.00 £10.00  img_20190727_094015
Hen eggs M 1/2 dozen –out of stock £2.25 £2.75 n/a medium hen-eggs
  L 1/2 dozen – out of stock £2.50 £3.00 n/a Large hen-eggs
XL 1/2 dozen
(limited) – out of stock
£3.00 n/a n/a xl hen eggs
Ice-cream –
100ml £1.20 £1.60 n/a small vanilla ice-cream
Ice-cream –
500ml £3.50 £4.75 n/a large vanilla ice-cream
Natural yoghurt  480ml £1.55 £2.00 £2.00 natural yoghurt
Fruit pot 

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230ml £3.25 £4.10 £4.10 IMG_20171229_095729.jpg
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