Meat price list

Our Jersey beef is cut in our own butchery on the farm by Iris Parkinson. When we have just processed an animal, the meat will be available fresh. The rest of the time we will sell our meat frozen.

Fresh and frozen beef is both available from our farm shop or via our local delivery round, but we prefer to deliver our beef fresh via courier.

Local delivery round
If your order comes to £25.00 or more you will get 10% discount on the price stated below.
Please note: This discount only applies to our local delivery round.

Because we cut our beef ourselves you can also get in touch with us if you like to pre-order any specific cuts.

Cut of meatMin. WeightFarm shop priceDelivery price
Burgers – gluten free 300 grams£4.35£5.50
Fillet steak 120 grams £3.84 £4.80
160 grams£5.12£6.40
T-bone steak500 grams£11.50£14.38
Braising / stewing steak 375 grams £4.88 £6.09
450 grams£5.85£7.31
475 grams£6.18£7.72
rump steak450 grams£8.78£10.97
525 grams£10.24£12.80
550 grams£10.73£13.41
650 grams£12.68£15.84
Topside Roast425 grams£5.95£7.44
475 grams£6.18£7.72
600 grams£8.40£10.50
650 grams£9.10£11.38
675 grams£9.45£11.81
700 grams£9.10£11.38
725 grams£9.43£11.78
750 grams£9.75£12.19
850 grams£11.05£13.81
925 grams£12.03£15.03
1.1 kilo£14.30£17.88
Brisket Roast 500 grams £5.00 £6.25
675 grams£6.75£8.44
775 grams£7.75£9.69
900 grams£9.00£11.25
950 grams£9.50£11.88
1 kilo£10.00£12.50
Spare ribs440 grams£3.74£4.68
450 grams£3.83£4.78
525 grams£4.46£5.58
Diced beef500 grams£6.25£7.81
Diced shin500 grams£6.00£7.50
Osso Buco175 grams£1.93£2.41
225 grams£2.48£3.09
Fat500 grams£2.50£3.10
Trimmings500 grams£1.00£1.25
Ox -tail880 grams£13.20£16.50
Tongue1.2 kilo£12.00£15.00
Diced skirt400 grams£4.40£5.50
Stock bones (Marrow and knuckle bones)1 kilo£2.50£3.13
Rib bones for stock500 grams£1.13£1.41
Meaty soup bones1 kilo£2.25£2.81