Meat price list

Our Jersey beef is cut in our own butchery on the farm by Iris Parkinson. When we have just processed an animal, the meat will be available fresh. The rest of the time we will sell our meat frozen.

Fresh and frozen beef is both available from our farm shop or via our local delivery round, but we prefer to deliver our beef fresh via courier.

We have 2 types of meatPrime beef and Vintage beef

Our prime beef comes from our dairy males that spend a maximum of 30 months grazing our organic pastures. Their meat has less flavour than vintage beef, but because they have done less work, the meat is more tender. If you’re looking for a cut of meat to cook quickly, then you’re looking for prime beef steaks.

If you’re looking for more flavour, then retired dairy beef is your answer!

Why retired dairy cows make the best beef

It used to be standard practice to eat older animals. The longer an animal lives and eats well, and the more work it does, the more flavoursome the meat will become.

Supermarkets have driven demand for cheap meat sourced from intensively farmed animals that are fattened quickly and slaughtered young, sometimes just at 15 months old. We have lost our appetite for older meat over time.

We have gone back to the olden days by using our own retired dairy cows for meat production, instead of sending our lovely girls off to auction. They deserve to be put to better use than cheap mince.

After our dairy cows are retired they will be left to graze on pasture for a little while before being slaughtered.

Our cows are predominantly fed on grass throughout their lives. This creates a really fine layer of beautiful fat running right through it. When you cook it slowly, the fat renders down creating a beautiful flavour.

Local delivery round
If your order is over £30.00 you will get 5% discount and if your order is over £40 you get 10% discount on the price stated below.
Please note: This discount only applies to our local delivery round.

Because we cut our beef ourselves you can also get in touch with us if you like to pre-order any specific cuts.

PRIME BEEFMin. WeightFarm shop priceDelivery price
Burgers gluten free – sold out300 grams£4.95£6.19
Mince sold out500 grams£7.75£9.69
Braising steak225 grams£3.66£4.57
325 grams£5.28£6.60
375 grams£6.09£7.62
500 grams£8.13£10.16
525 grams£8.53£10.66
550 grams£8.94£11.17
625 grams£10.16£12.70
Topside roast590 grams£10.33£12.91
810 grams£14.18£17.72
900 grams£15.75£19.69
950 grams£16.63£20.78
1.82 kilo£31.85£39.81
Silverside 800 grams£13.52£16.90
810 grams£13.69£17.11
850 grams£14.37£17.96
860 grams14.53£18.17
920 grams£15.55£19.44
990 grams£16.73£20.91
1 kilo£16.90£21.13
1.4 kilo£23.66£29.58
1.7 kilo£28.73 £35.91
Salmon Cut630 grams£10.65£13.31
1.4 kilo£22.96£28.70
Short Ribs560 grams£7.28£9.10
660 grams£8.58£10.73
Diced shin500 grams£7.50£9.38
Diced beef500 grams£9.00£11.25
Stock bones1 kilo£5.35£6.69
Soup bones1 kilo£5.35£6.69
Mixed bones500 grams£2.68£3.34
Suet500 grams£4.40£5.50
Fat500 grams£4.00£5.00
Trimmings500 grams£1.52£1.89

VINTAGE BEEFMin. WeightFarm shop priceDelivery priceImage
Mince500 grams£7.50£9.38
Topside900 grams£14.40£18.00
980 grams£15.68£19.60
Silverside1 kilo£15.40£19.25
Salmon cut660 grams£10.16£12.71
Spare ribs450 grams£4.84£6.05
600 grams£6.45£8.06
Knee cap380 grams£2.03£2.54