Farm shop & delivery

Farm shop

Here at Cliftons Farm we have a farm shop. All the products we sell have been naturally produced here on the farm. We are proud that we do not buy in any items for re-sale.
This does however mean that sometimes things are out of stock.

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We sell raw milk, raw cream, natural live yoghurt, ice-cream, hen eggs and Beef.
Apart from this we have some seasonal fruit available from time to time.

For the main price list (milk & eggs etc.) please click here.

We accept cash and card in the shop.

Local delivery

We have 5 delivery rounds in the North West. We deliver to each area once a week. If you like to find out if you’re within our delivery area and if there are spaces available please contact us.

For more information on delivery please see our Delivery page.

Courier delivery

We can deliver some of our produce via courier in England and Wales.
The courier price may be a little bit more expensive than our local delivery round, but it will enable us to accommodate you if there is a waiting list on our local round. (And it could still be cheaper than driving to the farm yourself.)
If you’re outside our local delivery area you’ll find our price is very competitive compared to other farms who deliver raw milk by courier. Please bear in mind when you compare prices that our milk comes in 2 pint bottles instead of 1 litre bottles, which is equivalent to 1.14 litres.

For more information on delivery please see our Delivery page.

Office hours

Although this is a working farm, we try to have someone in the office 5 mornings a week.  If you like to speak to us about anything please phone us during office hours.

If we aren’t able to answer your call, please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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