Products & Prices

We have a range of natural and organic products available to buy directly from our farm shop.

Raw dairy

Raw milk
We sell raw milk from our herd of organic cows which are pasture fed during the spring, summer and autumn months where possible. During the winter they are fed silage (pickled grass) and a small amount our own blend of peas and cereals in order to give them a balanced diet. We do not feed our cows maize or soya. The cows are milked twice a day. As soon as the cow has been milked, the milk gets cooled and goes into our refrigerated bulk milk tank where it is stored.

Raw cream
Deliciously creamy thick raw cream from our organic grass fed Jersey cows.
This thick cream can be made thinner by stirring in some raw milk. It can then be poured or whipped.
Alternatively you can make it into butter.

Pasteurized dairy

We sell natural ice-cream, yoghurt and ghee.

We have a dairy ice-cream that is made from the milk and cream from our organic dairy herd of Jersey cows. The eggs that have gone into it come from our own organic free range hens.

The rest of the ingredients have been sourced with care to ensure them being as natural as possible.

Ingredients of our base mix:
– Milk
– Cream
– Sugar
– Glucose (to make it scoop-able. With just sugar it sets too hard)
– Hen eggs (emulsifier)
– Skimmed milk powder (to balance out the milk solids non fats ratio)
– Guar Gum, which is a type of vegetarian gelatine (Stabilizer. We use vegetarian gelatin to make the ice-cream available for vegetarians)

We then add flavouring to the base mix when we freeze it. Full a full ingredient list click HERE
We make the following flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Salted Caramel

Natural live yoghurt
The natural yoghurt is made by using the milk from our own herd of Jersey and cross breed cows. The culture we’ve used is Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus.

Our ghee is made from the milk of our organic herd of grass fed Jersey cows.
Large scale ghee producers use centrifugal force to make ghee. Traditionally ghee is made by cooking butter which gives it a lovely nutty flavour but due to the time consuming nature of this big producers look for the cheapest option.
We’ve used the traditional ghee making method because this gives you the lovely nutty flavour and is how we believe it should be made!


We sell organic free range hen eggs from our own flock of hens. They are kept in small groups in encourage ranging on the grassy pastures. This means our hens lay naturally delicious eggs.



We keep some male calves for beef. These are kept outside as much as possible with some only spending a few months inside early on in life.  They are given as little grain as possible living off grass and clover.  This slow growth makes the meat dark, rich and delicious.  It varies as to which cuts of meat we have in stock. We often have different types of steaks, roasts, stewing meat and mince. If you would like some meat please ask us what’s in stock or look on our meat page.

Fruit pots – coulis & compote

Our fruit pots are made from Organic fruit from the orchard at Cliftons Farm.
Our fruit pots are lower in sugar than jam. Jams often have as much as 40% added sugar in them!
We use 73% home grown organic fruit and add 27% sugar and that’s all! No other ingredients like water or cornflour are added which is very common in supermarket fruit coulis, so it’s as natural as possible and delicious!
fruit pot