Delay in more fresh beef

I would like to keep you all updated when it comes to fresh beef.
As you might now, I (Iris) am the one that does the butchery at Cliftons Farm.

Tom and I are expecting a baby around 5th April, so I’m currently unable to process any more meat until after our little bambino has arrived.
To plan for this, we processed more animals before hand with the idea we would have excess stock to see us through this period. Unfortunately, the meat has sold faster than before, so we are not having an excess at the moment (just usual amounts).
This means we’ll probably experience a shortage soon. We’re very sorry about this. We really thought we’d sorted this by processing extra animals before hand!
We will probably send in an animal for slaughter as soon as the baby is born and if I can’t manage we can let the slaughterhouse (who also have a butchers shop) cut and pack our meat. It will just not be quite to my standard, so we’re trying to avoid this where possible.
We’ll keep you posted on the situation!

We hope you can understand. We’re only a small team, mostly family run.

Lots of love,

Iris, Tom and “Bambino”.