Fresh Jersey Beef

We’ve got the following 3 animals coming through our shop soon:

Front end expected from:

  • Wednesday 18th November (mature beef)
  • Wednesday 2nd December (mature beef)
  • 🎅🎄Saturday 12th December (prime beef)🎄🎅

Cuts available:
Braising steak 
Diced beef
Shin (diced / osso buco)
Rib eye
Spare ribs

Rear end (prime cuts) expected from:

  • Wednesday 25th November (mature beef)
  • Wednesday 9th December (mature beef)
  • 🎄🎅Saturday 19th December (prime beef)🎅🎄

Cuts available:
T-bone (prime beef only)

What is mature beef?

Our mature beef comes from our retired dairy cows. 
Jerseys have nice fat marbling throughout the meat, which means that even an older animal produces tender meat. 
The flavour is more intense than our prime beef.

What is prime beef?

Prime beef comes from our Jersey castrated male cows who are slaughtered at 30 months old. This results in tender meat, but is less flavoursome. 
We aim to keep our prime beef animals outdoors all year round, grazing on pasture.