Small hen eggs

Our small hen eggs are back in stock!

We had some young pullets arrive a few weeks ago and they’re already laying very well! They’re also enjoying the outdoors and have been exploring our orchard. The cheeky monkeys have found our raspberry plants! They like raspberries too…

Young hens start off laying small eggs. Over time, as the hen matures, the eggs become larger.

The small eggs are good value for money and an ideal size for children. They’re also good for making scotch eggs!

Farm shop – £1.20 per 1/2 dozen
Local delivery – £1.50 per 1/2 dozen

Egg box shortage UK – Please return egg boxes

Due to COVID-19, there is a shortage of paper egg boxes.
A lot of the eggs produced in the UK are normally used in the catering industry. No egg boxes are used for these eggs.
Now the catering industry is not using as many eggs, a lot of the eggs are now sold in the supermarket, in egg boxes.
This has meant that the large supermarket chains have bought up most of the egg boxes available, leaving none in stock anywhere apart from plastic ones.
We really don’t want to use plastic ones, so we like to remind everyone that our empty egg boxes can be returned to the farm to be re-used.

“Please return your empty egg boxes so we can re-use them.”