Pasteurized dairy

We have a lovely vanilla ice-cream and chocolate ice-cream that is made from the milk and cream from our organic dairy herd of Jersey and cross breed cows. The eggs that have gone into it come from our own organic free range hens.

The rest of the ingredients have been sourced with care to ensure them being as natural as possible.

– Milk
– Cream
– Demerara Sugar
– Glucose syrup (to make it scoop-able. With just sugar it sets too hard)
– Hen egg yolks (emulsifier)
– Skimmed milk powder (to stabilize the ice-cream and balance out the protein-fat ratio)
– Agar Agar, which is a type of vegetarian gelatine (Stabilizer. We use vegetarian gelatin to make the ice-cream available for vegetarians)
– Vanilla pods (The seeds are split from the pods and both are put the in mixture. The pods are left in the mixture to infuse and are taken out just before the mixture is frozen. The seeds stay in the ice-cream)

For the chocolate ice-cream we add cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

Natural live yoghurt
The natural yoghurt is made by using the milk from our own herd of Jersey and cross breed cows. The culture we’ve used is Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus.

For prices on our ice-cream and yoghurt, see our product page.