Seasonal price list

We currently have the following seasonal products available from our farm;

Please remember that with some products availability is limited.

If you like to collect some produce from the farm, please pre-order so we can get it ready for you.

Pre order system
Pre-order your seasonal produce before 12 noon for collection that same day after 3 pm. Pre-orders made after 12 noon will be ready to collect the following day after 3 pm.

Minimum weight Farm gate price Delivery     price
 Squashes  (Small) 0.5 -1 kg £1.50 £1.80 dscn6520
 Squash** 1-2 kg £2.00 £2.40 dscn6520
 Squashes (Large) 2 kg+ £3.00 £3.60 dscn6520
 Cooking Apples 1 kg £1.75 £2.10 Howgate wonder eating apples
 Potatoes 1 kg £1.50 £1.80 potatoes
 Salad potatoes 1 kg £1.75 £2.10 salad potatoes
Onions 500 grams £1.00 £1.20 White onion - jet set

For our standard products see our Prices Page.

Prices are correct at time of publishing, but we reserve the right to change the price if required.

** Our squashes are sold in rotation with regards to the variety that is ripe / ready. The squashes that are ready at the moment are orange, (called Red Kuri)

When a size is not given when ordering a squash, you’ll get sent a medium size squash (1-2kg)