Raw milk update

We like to give you an update in the milk situation
First if all we like to apologise for the lack of communication. We’ve simply been waiting for test results.

When the FSA (food standard agency) stops us from selling raw milk, we need 2 clear milk samples before we can sell again. The 2nd sample can’t be taken until the results of the first one has come back.

We’ve got the results of the 1st test the FSA took back and this shows no signs of STEC. The second sample was taken last Monday, so we’re hopeful that we receive the results from this sample back on Monday or Tuesday. If these results are fine, we should be able to go back to raw milk.

We’re relying on the test results from the FSA (which seem to take longer to come back than our privately done tests).
It seems that the bacteria the FSA found (we still don’t know what strain it was exactly) has not made anyone ill.
After speaking to other people in the raw milk industry, there doesn’t seem to be any risk to human health with a low pathogenic STEC, but because it’s classed as a “Pathogen” the FSA can still stop us from selling the raw milk.

There has been a debate about STEC testing and the need for this test. This test is only done by the food standards agency (public health labs) in the UK.
The Raw Milk Producers’ Association has tried to fight back and get the STEC test removed since it doesn’t seem to result in people getting ill, but sadly they have been unsuccessful so far. This is creating a lack of trust within raw milk consumers as it’s not uncommon for a low virulent STEC to be detected.

Secondly, we like to thank all our customers that have continued to buy our pasteurised milk. We know it’s not necessarily what you want, and it’s definitely not what we want to be selling. This has allowed us to keep going with a reduced impact on the business. We are already under a lot of pressure from cost increases in other areas which I’m sure some of you will be aware of yourselves.

We will of course put a pots on here again as soon as we get the all clear.

Many thanks from
Tom, Iris, Abi and the team at Cliftons Farm