Making silage in October

Cutting grass

We might seem a bit mad, but today we’re silaging! (getting grass made into bales to feed the cows during the winter period)

We still had a couple of fields with grass that needed cutting and harvesting, but the weather hasn’t been fit due to rain. So it’s only now we have the chance.

It is a bit odd, cutting grass on a frosty morning with autumn colours all around us.


All our fresh meat has now been frozen. There is still plenty of choice in our meat freezer though!
We are planning to have fresh beef available the week before Christmas, so please let us know if you like to place any Christmas meat orders. 


We have had some more calves being born over the last few weeks. This little one (image below) was born 3 weeks early and therefore tiny!
But with some TLC she is thriving and growing well.
Caitlin really likes this calf, probably because it’s a good size for her!