Raw milk via courier


We’re proud to inform you that we can now deliver our raw milk (and other products) via courier.

The prices stated on our Courier page is for delivery to England and Wales. We can deliver outside this area, subject to an additional surcharge, depending on your location.

You’ll find our price is very competitive compared to other farms who deliver raw milk by courier. Please bear in mind when you compare prices that our milk comes in 2 pint bottles instead of 1 litre bottles, which is equivalent to 1.14 litres.


We’ve done a lot of research to ensure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible, but at the same time is efficient enough in keeping the produce cold.

We’ve chosen to use a cardboard box for protection, sheep wool liners and cornstarch filler to insulate and frozen water to keep your produce cold.

The box can go in your paper recycling bin. The wool and corn starch filler can be composted and the bottles that contain the frozen water can go in the plastic household recycling bin.


We’ve done some extensive testing to ensure your produce stays cold enough for at least 48 hours. The courier will aim to deliver within 24 hours so this means the produce should stay plenty cold enough!

If you like more information please visit our courier page or contact us directly.