Weekly update 27/07/2019


We’ve been asked many times if we sell butter or ghee. We’ve decided to make some ghee which is now ready for sale!
It’s made from the milk of our organic herd of grass fed Jersey cows.

Large scale ghee producers use centrifugal force to make ghee. Traditionally ghee is made by cooking butter which gives it a lovely nutty flavour but due to the time consuming nature of this big producers look for the cheapest option.
We’ve used the traditional ghee making method because this gives you the lovely nutty flavour and is how we believe it should be made!
Our ghee is available in 230 ml pots and are £8.00 from the farm gate and £10.00 for delivery.


On the farm

We’ve had some great weather, so our barley was ready for harvesting.

From the barley plants we will make straw. The straw was not dry enough yet, so hopefully we’ll get it dry later next week so we can bale it. This will be used for feeding and bedding in winter.

This week we’ll have plums available for sale. Please see our Seasonal page for all up to date fruit and vegetables available.