Hay making weather!

We’ve all been enjoying the lovely warmth and sun shine over the last week.

The dry and sunny weather has come at the perfect time. The grass in our hay field was ready to be cut, so we chanced it and got lucky. We managed to get 35 bales of lovely hay in before it rained.

Last year it we didn’t get any rain for 6 weeks which meant the grass was very short and sparse. We only managed 7 bales of hay off the same field! What a difference the weather makes in incredible.

Our fruit is doing much better this year too. Last year the fruit all fell off within a couple of days due to the heat and drought.

We currently have a few gooseberries left in stock and the blackcurrants have started to be ready now. For all up to date seasonal fruit and veg click HERE

This week we’ll be starting on butchery too, so by the end of the week there will be more mince available, diced shin, beef, braising steaks, brisket, spare ribs and more.

From next week we’ll have our prime cuts ready, such as T-bone, Rib-eye, Fillet and so on.


This time of year is a busy time! With the long days we try to fit as much work in as possible. There is a lot of weeding to do. Some evenings Iris will go out and strim down nettles and thistles in the hen pens and surrounding areas. Then there is the greenhouse to water after the sun has gone and the hens to shut in once it’s dark.

Even tough we do long days this time of year, it’s so lovely to be able to spend time outside! A long days work certainly makes you sleep well at night!