Weekly update 23/07/18

The week commencing Monday 23rd July we have the following available.

  • Cucumbers
  • Courgettes – Now half price!
  • Spinach
  • New potatoes
  • Fresh onions

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the Farm
Not much change since last week.

We had a bit of rain for a few hours, but we need much more to make a difference. The cows are still fed on winter silage and not producing much milk. We’ll just have to take it as it comes.

Since we started watering the veg plot we now have a huge glut of courgettes! We’re  not selling enough of them. Our own fridge is being taken over by courgettes, so they are now half price. Bargain! Hopefully we can eat something else for tea for a change! 😉

Thomas and Will have been doing more tidying and some weeding in the veg plot. We’ve also planted out our leeks that we were growing on in the greenhouse.

I’ve made another batch of ice-cream and are planning to send another animal in for slaughter. I will post an update with regards to the beef nearer the time.

Our veg display in the shop looks a lot more healthy again! We do sometimes sell a few more different things in the shop (that isn’t advertised on the website). This is the case if we only have a very small amount of it.



Our freshly picked veg on display in our farm shop


Mummy digging up some potatoes with Caitlin watching