Weekly update 02/04/18

First of all we wish you all a happy Easter!

The week commencing Monday 2nd April we have the following available.

  • Goose eggs

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.


Changes from 1st April 2018
Due to the rise in the national living wage and pensions contributions, our wages bill is increasing significantly again this year.  Along with increases from suppliers this leaves us no option but to increase the cost of a number of our products. We have kept prices as low as possible but we have had to increase the price of some products by more than we would like in order for them to still be viable.  

As of April 1st 2018

Farm shop Delivery
Milk £1.40 £1.85
Eggs Extra Large £2.60 not available on delivery
Eggs Large £2.20 £2.64
Eggs Medium £1.80 £2.16
Eggs Small £1.00 £1.22
Cream 230ml £1.30 £1.75
Natural yoghurt 480ml £1.30 £1.70
Fruit pot 230ml £2.70 £3.30
Ice cream 100ml £1.10 £1.50 (no change)
Ice cream 500ml £3.30 £4.50 (no change)

We are also increasing the minimum order for free delivery from £8 to £9

Currently we offer 10% discount for order over £20  This is increasing to £25.

We thank you for understanding and are grateful for your continued support.

Tom, Iris and the team at Cliftons Farm