Weekly update 26/03/18

The week commencing Monday 26th March we have the following available.

  • Goose eggs

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the farm
The spring is late this year. The cold weather means that the cows are still kept inside. Normally they are outside by now grazing in the fields. It has however been very dry  which meant that Thomas has been able to spread muck on the land. Nearly all the muck has been spread now which is great!

Because we still have to keep all the animals indoors, we had to make the difficult decision of selling some of our animals as we can’t continue to feed all of them. We had to sell some of our less productive milking cows and some of our calves too. Hopefully this will ease the pressure on the winter feed that’s left and we’ll make it to spring turn out!

As a results this might mean that we’ll be short of milk later in the year, but we just can’t afford to buy in more feed and keep all our animals.

This week and last week we’ve had a professional butcher on site teaching Iris the ropes of English style butchery. Before we’ve always used the continental style butchery.
So you might notice a difference in some of the cuts. We’d love your feedback on this so we know what your preference is.