Weekly update 19/03/18

The week commencing Monday 19th March we have the following available.

  • Main crop potatoes (nearly finished!)
  • Goose eggs

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the farm
This week we’ve started cutting more beef, which means that in the next couple of weeks we’ll have fresh beef available.

Below is a photo of some lovely shin we’ve just cut. Shin beef is full of flavour and ideal for slow cooking / stew.


We’ve sown radish and turnips in the greenhouse 6 weeks ago, but due to the cold weather nothing much has germinated yet. Hopefully spring is on the way soon and it will start growing!

We’ve also sown lettuce, cucumber plants, tomato plants and leeks in an indoor heated cold frame. We will be planting these outside as soon as the weather is mild enough.

The potatoes from last year have nearly finished. We’ll have them this week and maybe next, but then that’s it until the new potatoes are ready to be harvested around July time.

Veg sown: