Weekly update 05/03/18

The week commencing Monday 5th March we have the following available.

  • Main crop potatoes
  • Baking potatoes

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the farm
The weather has been challenging! With the temperature below freezing during the day as well as at night means that the water to all the animals (cows, calves, hens, ducks…) has frozen up.

It’s quite a task to ensure all animals have enough water to drink. Some days it’s taken until 11 am to get all the animals watered. Then checking all of them again early afternoon and again at evening milking.

Having said all this, we’ve been quite lucky really. Some farms in the South of England are having it bad. On some farms the milk tanker hasn’t been able to get to them so they had to throw all their milk away. Bearing in mind that these farm milk many more cows than we do. Some milk about 500! That’s a lot of milk! There was even one farm that couldn’t  milk the cows last night as the milking clusters were freezing up in between cows!

Today it’s very windy as well. We’ve had a few trees fall over. Also part of the roof of our collecting yard (where the cows stand after milking) is currently in the process of being blown off… But once the wind has died down should be easy to fix back into place.

Earlier in the week we got 6 new calves born. Plus 100, 17 week old hens arrived! This time a different breed, called Rhode Rock. We’re keen to see how they do!


Glad to be out of those transport crates!

Despite the snow and freezing temperatures we managed to make all the deliveries this week. So a huge thank you to our delivery drivers for venturing out onto snowy roads!

We’re also sending in another beef animal next week, so fresh beef will be available again by the end of the month.


Our beefers. Still outside with their woolly coats on!