Weekly update 09/10/17

The week commencing Monday 9th October we have the following available.

  • Potatoes
  • Large tomatoes
  • Cooking apples
  • Carrots

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the farm
This week we’ve been busy with getting our big shed (this is where we store, hay, straw and feed) ready for winter feed that we have ordered. We had to buy in extra feed this year due to a poor yield of our own crops. This was caused by excess rain we’ve had at the wrong time of year.

We’ve already received a load of  Organic lucerne pellets last week. Lucerne, also known as alfalfa is a legume. Other legumes include peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils and lupin.
Lucerne pellets are made of freshly harvested and dried lucerne that has been compressed into textured pellets. This way is can be transported and stored easily and the cows love them!

There is some more winter feed coming next week. For this we’ve been clamping 30 meters of pipe to the back of the shed. This pipe will be used to blow the feed from the wagon that it’s delivered in, into the far end of the shed.

Last year we didn’t have the pipes and we had problems unloading the feed and we ended up losing some of it, so we thought we’d better do it a different way this time! Hopefully it will work as it’s a long distance to travel through 30 meters of pipe. Fingers crossed!

Will has been starting on harvesting our onions. They haven’t done as well compared to last year. We planted 10.000 so even though the yield isn’t as good we should still have plenty! We’re putting them in the greenhouse to dry before we put them up for sale.

The cows are still going outside during the day and we hope to continue this for another month. If the weather continues to be wet we might have no choice but to bring them in sooner. If we do have to bring them in sooner we might not have enough winter feed to last us until spring so hopefully the weather will play ball and the cows can enjoy the pastures for another month!

Lucerne Pellets