Weekly update 11/09/17

Seasonal fruit and veg

The week commencing Monday 11th September we have the following available.

  • Cucumbers
  • Potatoes
  • Small tomatoes (cherry and baby plum)
  • Large tomatoes
  • Courgettes
  • Raspberries (weather depending*)
  • Beans (Mix of runner and french)
  • Spinach
  • Damsons

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

* It will have to be dry for us to pick raspberries because they do not keep if they are wet. If you like to order raspberries for delivery please ensure your order will be over £8 without the raspberries or notify us of an alternative product if raspberries aren’t available.

On the Farm
We’ve been challenged by the weather this week. As you have probably noticed it has been quite wet recently!

We still had a crop of oats in the field that needed harvesting. When there was a fine day last week we missed out because our tractor had broken down.

On Wednesday it was going to be partially dry and potentially our last chance of getting our oats harvested. If we didn’t get it in then there would be a good chance that we would loose the whole crop. We managed to get a demo tractor on site which would help with getting in the harvest.

It was an eventful day that day. It started at 4am, when we received a call that our delivery driver was unable to work due to illness. Luckily we managed to get hold of another driver to do the delivery round that day, but his own vehicle was in the garage so we had to collect him from home (at 5am) as he had no transport that day.

Then the combiner came to harvest the oats, but because it had been so wet the combiner got stuck in the field. There was a few hour wait before a digger came to pull the combiner out of the hole it had sunk in to. It got stuck a second time, but eventually managed to get all the oats harvested!

The oat plants (straw) also needed to be made into bales and wrapped for winter feed. The straw was too wet to use as bedding and we would not be able to get it dry. As it was going to rain that evening Thomas and Will kept on working until well after dark. They managed to bale all the straw and wrapped nearly all the bales. There were 3 bales left to wrap, but because it was dark an error was made whilst putting a bale on the wrapper which damaged the wrapping machine so the last few bales could not be wrapped.

It was after 11pm when Thomas came inside, having started the day at 4am, needless to say he was a tat tired! Sometimes we have to keep going otherwise we loose crops which could be a financial disaster.

We just have one more field with grass that needs mowing for winter feed. Hopefully we’ll get another few days of dry weather and machines that work!  Thomas is now busy with tractor shopping to replace the now unreliable tractor!!