Weekly update 07/08/17

Seasonal fruit and veg

The week commencing Monday 7th August we have the following available.

  • Cucumbers
  • New potatoes
  • Small tomatoes (cherry and baby plum)
  • Large tomatoes
  • plums

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the Farm
We will soon be busy with the cows as there are 17 cows due to calve within a short period of time. We’ve been busy cleaning out the sheds and setting up pens for all the calves. We’ll of course post some pictures of the calves when they arrive!

This week we’ve got tomatoes available. We’ve got some different varieties and last year the baby plum tomatoes proved very popular, so this year we’re selling these separate from the large tomatoes.

The next plum tree had also go ripe fruit of it (variety called Czar), so plums are available this week too.

We might have spinach and courgettes available by the end of the week if the weather is good.


The ducklings we hatched back in June are nearly fully feathered and ready to leave our front garden. They will probably move to their duck cabin later in the week where they will be trained to come into the cabin at night. Once they are trained we will let them out during the day so they can roam free and use the several ponds we have on the farm.


ducklings a few days old


ducklings 6 weeks old