Weekly update

Seasonal fruit and veg

The week commencing Monday 3rd April we have the following available.

  • White onions
  • Goose eggs

For quantities and prices please see our Seasonal page for more information.

On the Farm

We’ve had some more cows calve! There are just 2 left to calve soon and then we’ll have a little break.

We also let the cows out for the first time this year on Monday. Needless to say the cows were pretty happy!

Fresh Beef
We’re sending another beef animal in for slaughter on Monday 3rd April. Some fresh beef should be available again from Monday 17th April and the rest will be available from Monday  24th April.

If you like to pre-order any specific cuts (not listed below), please let us know before midday on Wednesday 12th April. You can contact us via the Contact page or via phone.

Pre-orders will get  5% discount, providing it will be collected from the farm within a week of having the meat available or delivered on your next delivery day. When possible you will receive the meat fresh. (chilled, not frozen).

We plan on the following cuts being available (depending on the size of the animal):

Beef £/kg farm gate £/kg delivery
Mince £8.50 £10.63
Burgers – gluten free £9.00 £11.25
Fillet steak £36.00 £45.00
Sirloin steak £26.00 £32.50
Rump steak £18.00 £22.50
Rib eye steak £25.00 £31.25
T-bone steak £20.00 £25.00
Braising steak £10.00 £12.50
Diced shin £10.00 £12.50
Diced beef £10.00 £12.50
Brisket £9.00 £11.25
Topside roast £12.50 £15.63