Weekly update

Since it’s been quite a wet week there is nothing much to report. We just hope it will dry up soon!

Fruit and veg
For the week commencing Monday 4th July we’ll have the following available:

  • Courgettes 500g
  • Ice-berg lettuce each
  • New potatoes 1kg
  • Gooseberries 200g

Spinach might be back in stock nearer the end of the week.
Cucumbers will be a few more weeks until there are more ready.

For prices see our Seasonal page for more information.

We’ve got some lovely duck eggs available. You can use duck eggs for the same purpose as hen eggs, but the difference is that they have a much bigger yolk and due to the difference in the ducks’ diet giving the egg more intense flavour. They are fantastic for making Yorkshire puddings and pancakes.

They are also good for baking, so why not try some baking whilst it’s raining outside?

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