weekly update

The gooseberries are nearly ready and will probably ready for selling next week, weather depending.  We’ll sell them in 200g punnets. £1.00 from the farm gate and £1.20 for delivery. Please keep an eye on our Seasonal page for availability

We still have mixed leaf salad available next week. Little Gem and radish have finished for the time being, but we have some ice-berg lettuce available. These are £1.65 from the farm gate or £2.00 for delivery.


Ice-berg lettuce

We also have a few cucumbers ready for selling. They are sold per cucumber and are £1.00 from the farm gate and £1.20 for delivery.

More good news with regards to veg; Spinach and new potatoes are nearly ready so we expect them to be available from next week.

Last week and this week we’ve been busy cutting meat in our new butchery. We now cut our own meat on site, to create a better service for our customers. We’ve got more veal available. For cuts and prices see our Meat page.

We’re currently in the process of cutting up beef.  Once this is all done, all the cuts available will be shown on the Meat page.