Cliftons Farm update

We’ve had a lot of cows give birth this last week.

This wasn’t planned this way, but last year a young bull of ours escaped from the field next to the cows and ended up in with the cows. Needless to say he did a very good job getting quite a few pregnant!

We’ve had 7 calves born in the space of 10 days.

One of our Shorthorn X cows even had twins.


She gave birth to a girl and a boy. Unfortunately this means the female will most likely be infertile. When a heifer twin shares the womb with a bull, they also share the placenta connecting them with the mother.  This connection between the 2 calves causes male hormones to get to the heifer calf.  In 90% of cases this results in infertility of the heifer calf.

There is a test available to see if the heifer is fertile or not. We are planning to get her tested so we can decide what to do with her.

We’ve also had one of our ducks hatch 11 eggs. Ducklings are often eaten by predators, so we decided to move them into the front garden. This way they have the best chance of surviving. when they are a month old they should be able to fend for themselves.


Mother and her 11 ducklings in the front garden. 

Not much change with regards to veggies this week. The lettuce leaves are still on for sale. We’ve got some little gem lettuce coming soon and also radish isn’t too far off.

The cucumber and tomato plants are doing very well, but they will not be ready for a while yet.