Veg update

The weather has been fantastic for farming this week. The animals are thriving and the fruit and veg is growing well.

Unfortunately this also goes for weeds! We’ve been busy this week to get rid of a lot of weeds to give the fruit and veg plants more light and room. Thanks to our staff members Andy and Kevin a lot of weeding has been done this week. Because we’re Organic, all the weeding is done by hand, so it’s a lot of work, but very satisfying to see it all tidy again.


Gooseberry plants after weeding (Raspberry plants in background)

The salads have been growing well in the greenhouse and are now ready to be picked as salad leaves. This means we’ll have bags of mixed salad leaves available from the farm and for delivery. It’s a mixture of different lettuces and some Chinese mustard leaves to add a bit of spiciness.

The mixed leaf salad comes in 150g bags and are £1.65 from the farm gate and £2.00 for delivery.


Mixed Leaf Salad. 150g @ £1.65 / £2.00

For the full list of available seasonal produce please see our Seasonal page.

We’ve also got fresh duck eggs available again. Last year we sadly lost most of our ducks, but we now got 20 new khaki campbell ducks that have started laying. Duck eggs have a bigger egg yolk compared to hen eggs and have a lovely flavour.

We sell the duck eggs per 1/2 dozen. They are £2.50 from the farm and £3.00 for delivery.


Our ducks in the pond