Fresh fruit and veg update


Here is an update on our fruit and veg as we get asked quite a lot when it will be available again. I’ve also added some pictures so you can see the progress for yourself.

We currently have rhubarb available.

We’ve been busy planting our vegetable seeds in the field over the last week (now the weather is finally warming up!) and we’ve been growing plants on in our new greenhouse since February.

The fruit orchard is also doing well.  The gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants have come into leaf and the gooseberries have started bearing fruit, but it will be a few more months until the fruit is ready to pick. The apple trees are in full blossom. (Apples aren’t ready until September)

We should have different types of lettuce available in about 2 weeks time that’s grown in our greenhouse.  After this we’ll have some radish out of the greenhouse. We’re also trying to grow tomatoes , cucumbers and melons for the first time, so fingers crossed!

Most of the fruit and veg will not be ready until July in this English climate.  It will probably start with gooseberries and blackcurrants and new potatoes.

If you like to know what seasonal fruit and veg is available please see our seasonal page for more information.

Thanks! Iris