Update Jersey Beef

We’re sending a Jersey beef animal in next week.

The following cuts will be available from this animal. If you like any of these cuts you can order in advance (before 1st August) and get 5% discount, providing you collect the meat within a week of us getting the cuts back from the butcher or on your next delivery.

Cut Farm gate price/kg Delivery     price/kg
Mince £9.00 £11.70
Burgers £8.50 £11.05
Silver side roast £12.50 £16.25
Top side roast £12.50 £16.25
Sirloin steaks £24.00 £31.20
Rump steaks £18.00 £23.40
T – bone steak £20.00 £26.00
Rolled rib roast £22.00 £28.60
Single rib chops £12.50 £16.25
Diced shin £8.00 £10.40
Brisket roast £10.00 £13.00
Braising steak £12.00 £15.60

To order, you can contact us via the Contact page.